I Need Help Enforcing Child Support. Where do I Start?

Enforcing child support in North Carolina might be important on occasions where the paying parent has neglected to meet the necessary child support payments.

Child support enforcement measures are typically taken care of through a child support enforcement agency in North Carolina. This is a division that is devoted to all issues including child support enforcement. On the off chance that you need assistance enforcing child support, it might be important to present a case with a local child support enforcement agency. You may likewise record an appeal with the court, particularly in the event that you have a current child support order gave by the court.

Child Support Enforcement Agencies

Child support enforcement agencies perform different errands and obligations, including:

  • Inspecting child support payment chronicles to decide if any sums are expected.
  • Distinguishing parents who might be answerable for child support payments (counting performing paternity tests if fundamental).
  • Enforcing various measures so as to gather missing sums, including decorating compensation from the parent’s paycheck, or holding onto property so as to compensate for missing sums.
  • Detailing related issues to a judge, for example, child abuse and disregard.

At times, child support enforcement agencies may likewise help with issues including back child support payments (i.e., bombed payments that have aggregated after some time). The different names and elements of child support enforcement agencies may shift for each state.

What Are Some Consequences of Not Paying Child Support?

A few results of not paying child support may include:

  • Civil or criminal fines
  • Loss of other civil rights
  • Negative effects on layaway scores and access to credit
  • Introduction to civil lawsuits
  • Contempt orders

In this manner, it’s essential to keep child support payments current. On the off chance that you need assistance enforcing child support, there might be different choices accessible, for example, a modification of a support order.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help Enforcing Child Support Payments?

Child support payments are significant for the advantage and childhood of the child or children included. You may need to enlist a certified North Carolina child support lawyer on the off chance that you need assistance with child support enforcement. An attorney can give you legal exhortation and can manage you all through the whole legal process. Likewise, your lawyer can speak to you if you have to record a lawsuit or show up in court.