What Are Non-Custodial Parent Rights?

A non-custodial parent is a parent that doesn’t have greater part custody of their child. For example, one parent may have custody of the child for a little while, while the non-custody child may just have custody for a couple of ends of the week a month. On the other hand, the non-custodial parent may just be permitted constrained visitation periods, for example, during the day on an end of the week. A non-custodial parent may frequently be restricted in their legal rights to settle on significant choices in the interest of the child.

Be that as it may, non-custodial parents may at present have certain rights, for example,

  • The right to visitation with the child (this will rely upon the visitation or custody order)
  • Access to the child’s therapeutic and school records
  • The right to have occasion time with the child
  • The right to pay child support in a manner that mirrors their salary income
  • Different rights as recorded in the custody agreement

How Are Visitation Rights Determined?

Visitation rights are apportioned through an investigation of many various factors, including:

  • The child’s needs and necessities
  • The geographic area of each parent
  • Regardless of whether there are occasions of disregard or abuse by the parent
  • The timetables of the child and each parent

Past visitation arrangements may influence future visitation rights for resulting children. Likewise, visitation orders can be altered so as to reflect changed conditions.

Can Visitation Rights Be Lost?

Now and again, visitation rights can be lost or repudiated. This can occur for example if:

  • The parent has submitted a violation that outcomes in lost custody or visitation rights
  • The parent’s present way of life is contrary with visitation
  • The parent has become a risk to the child’s security or wellbeing

Once more, these changes are dictated by a judge and reflected in the visitation order. Lost visitation rights can now and then be contested by the parent being influenced.

Would it be a good idea for me to Hire a Lawyer for Help with Custody Rights?

Understanding custody rights can regularly be troublesome. You may need to contract a certified North Carolina child custody lawyer close to you on the off chance that you need assistance with custody, visitation, or some other family law legal issues. Your attorney will have the option to guide you during the process and can give you legal counsel to assist you with your issue.