What Is a Child Custody Restraining Order?

At the point when a judge accepts that one individual has submitted a proof of abuse against another, or has submitted a solitary genuine act of violence against another, the harmed party can look for and acquire a restraining order. A restraining order is a legal record that forbids the assailant from imparting physical space to the assaulted.

Restraining orders are enforceable in every geographic area. Regardless of whether the individual who was connected is at home, school, or strolling around town, the individual who assaulted them will be captured in the event that they violate the order by moving toward the person in question. Mates regularly look for restraining orders against one another during divorces or separation periods.

Would I be able to Share Custody With My Ex?

With regard to issues of child custody, restraining orders can cause difficult issues. Exes can share custody on the off chance that they are both on favorable terms with the law. Crime or violence puts a parent who is looking for custody as a genuine drawback.

Past or present maltreatment will be considered by a family court that giving a custody order. On the off chance that a judge chooses to give some level of custody to a parent that has submitted harsh acts toward a child or toward the other parent, in many states the judge must compose a statement clarifying why that choice was made.

What is a Rebuttable Presumption?

At the point when one parent has submitted acts of domestic violence against the child or the other parent, the judge or court makes a rebuttable assumption that it won’t be to the greatest advantage of the child to for the culpable parent to have custody. In any case, the parent that submitted the harsh acts can challenge that assumption in court.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Truly. On the off chance that you have been blamed for domestic violence, or somebody has perpetrated acts of domestic violence against you and child custody is yet to be resolved, it is critical to have a North Carolina child custody lawyer to speak to your best interests during arrangements and in court.