North Carolina Paternity Lawyers

Why Is Paternity an Issue In Child Support?

Setting up who is the natural father of a child (“paternity”) is important to forcing a commitment to pay child support. The organic father owes an obligation to their child to support and accommodate their fundamental needs.

Consider the possibility that I Have Been Paying Child Support But a DNA Test Shows I Am Not The Father.

There is no discount of past child support payments, regardless of whether you are later decided not to be the child’s father. In any case, demonstrating that a man isn’t the natural father of a child liberates him from paying child support later on. Besides, you might have the option to look for repayment of all child support sums paid from the organic father if ready to discover and distinguish him.

What Happens If My Wife Gives Birth To a Baby That Is Not Mine?

An idea called “double paternity” enables the child to get support from the organic father regardless of whether the mother is hitched to another man when she conceives an offspring. In this case, the organic father and the legal father would be various men, however the natural father owes the child support payments.

On the off chance that a Woman Claims I Am The Father Of Her Baby But I Know I Am Not, Do I Have To Show Up In Court?

Truly, albeit going to court can be time consumming, you shouldn’t flee from reality on the off chance that you realize you are not the father. In the legal framework, neglecting to show up or deny charges implies that the court will accept them as certainties that have been conceded. The court may conclude that you owe child support regardless of whether you are not really the father since you neglected to appear in court to deny a woman’s charges.

Do I Need an Attorney To Help With My Paternity Issues?

Paternity and child support is regularly one of the most sharply battled issues in the courtroom. A decent family attorney will secure your rights and help manage this inconvenient issue.